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By disregarding rules, we defy expectations. Rather than stick to the script or follow a template, Through Fire consistently evolve, reshaping hard rock with electronic flourishes and airtight songcraft. As a result, the Omaha, NE quartet—Justin McCain [lead guitar, songwriter], Grant Joshua Kendrick [lead vocals], Tyler Halverson [bass], and Zach Halverson [drums]—haven’t just broken the mold; they’ve also broken through as a force to be reckoned with. They’ve notably racked up nearly 100 million cumulative streams and views in addition to landing massive syncs during the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and from the NBA, NFL, UFC, and ESPN with standout “Stronger” even serving as the theme for WWE’s Backlash. Along the way, they’ve notably toured with All That Remains, Fozzy, Seether, and more.

Now, they continue to forge ahead on their third full-length offering, Devil’s Got You Dreaming [Sumerian Records].

“We definitely tried to push some boundaries and venture into new territory where we haven’t gone as a band in the past,” notes Justin. “There was a different approach, and we tried sounds we hadn’t tapped into or utilized. We went into this with no rules, and we had fun.”

The darkness of the Global Pandemic left Justin to use this state of mind as fuel for the songwriting process.

“It started to inspire stories from me,” he affirms. “Most of the time, I was kicking it at home and working on songs. This is what came out.”
Now, Through Fire ignite this next era with the single “Karma Kills.” The track seesaws between a hypnotically hard-hitting guitar groove and warped reverberation. Powered by equally entrancing vocals, Grant warns, “You’ve had a second chance one too many times,” before the hook reminds, “What comes around goes around.”

“It’s self-explanatory,” he states. “Try to be a good human, because if you’re not, it’s going to end up biting you in the ass at some point. Don’t do something wrong and think it’s okay. Karma will catch up to you. That’s the vibe.”

Elsewhere, “Heal Your Wounds” draws its story “out of a past situation from a real-life event.” Then, there’s the punchy “Wake Up,” which “literally explains my views on what was going on in the world,” according to Justin. The lyrics target everything from personal situations to world events without compromising the intensity or infectiousness in the process.

In the end, Through Fire encode a statement within this dynamic boundary-breaking vision of hard rock.

“My hope is that our music connects with people,” he leaves off. “Everyone will always have an opinion. We’re a very lyric-driven band. I feel like a lot of these songs have messages you could resonate with though. If our music is therapeutic and helps even just one person, it’s a win for everyone.”