Starbenders band promo photo Starbenders band promo photo

Atlanta alt-glam band Starbenders will release their hotly anticipated sophomore album, Love Potions, on February 14 through Sumerian Records, fresh on the heels of 2019’s Japanese Rooms EP and serving as the follow-up to 2016’s Heavy Petting debut album.
These are words similar to those which you will read on countless press releases, but there really isn’t anyone else out there doing what Starbenders have been doing since forming in 2014: The intoxicating combination of ‘70s glitter and ‘80s glam with new wave and new romantic, seduced into this new decade by four thrilling musicians and, in frontwoman Kimi Shelter, one of the most exciting songwriters in contemporary rock & roll.
“It’s really interesting to see it bloom into what it is now,” says Shelter. “I guess us leveling up as far as musicians go, and having to be capable of pivoting -- be decisive and be resourceful in the midst of creating as well -- has really shaped us. The sound has captured this sort of restless, relentless side of my spirit.”

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