Poppy - Inferno (Book) & Music To Scream To (Vinyl)

Poppy - Inferno (Book) & Music To Scream To (Vinyl)

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You might think you know Poppy, but what if you were only just scratching the surface? What if you could learn more about Poppy at the same time that she learns about herself? In between two worlds, both of which work to traumatize the unsuspecting into traumatizing others, Poppy finds herself in both literal and figurative Hellscapes. She must walk the thin line between doing what she must to gain her freedom and staying true to her own identity and beliefs.

 In 'Poppy's Inferno,' our hero must fight against all that try to change her, not allowing anyone to determine how she thinks, feels or hurts, all the while trying to outwit the demons that surround her every step of the way.

The bundle includes...

Poppy - Inferno Book
Poppy - 'Music To Scream To' Soundtrack Vinyl
Black and Silver Side A/B Variant 

Side A
1. Scream
2.  Screamm
3. Screammm

Side B
4. Screammmm
5. Screammmmm
6. Screammmmmm

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