Weathers - Are We Having Fun?


Weathers' new single / video "ALL CAPS (feat. John The Ghost)" is OUT NOW! 🌊🚙 Buy / stream and pre-order the forthcoming album "Are We Having Fun?" HERE

“With our new album, we wanted to not try so hard. Instead we wanted to dig deep from our past and pull from music we listened to growing up. In the end, we got a body of work that’s a little heavier, more raw, and way more emotional and honest than anything we’ve done in the past.”

“We jumped at the opportunity to work with producer/singer John O’Callaghan. We are big fans and so working together was a trip. After some time soul searching for what this song would sound like, the end result we landed on has a lot of attitude that we didn’t expect to finish with. One of the biggest obstacles was deciding where John would sing. I felt like most projects like this have the featured artist start singing in the second verse. But for me, while it’s a Weathers song, I wanted to throw listeners off and start with John’s voice. He’s got such a unique tone and I thought it would draw listeners in right off the bat and make them go, ‘Oh shit?’ in a good way.” - Cameron Boyer