OmenXIII - Sorry,


New OmenXIII album "Sorry," is OUT NOW 👿🌼 Buy / stream / check out the new video for "So Many Monsters" HERE

“The lyric ‘what color is a mirror’ is what kicked this song off for me. I’m colorblind. So what color is a mirror? I think it looks just like me. That made me go deeper and think about how I see myself, how other people see me, how they see themselves and how they see one another. And what is a monster, anyway? It’s something you can’t see and it doesn’t really exist, but you’re scared of it as long as you believe in it. And if you really break it down, a monster is not so much about being scary as it is something that people are uncomfortable with because they don’t understand it and they don’t know what to anticipate from it.” - OmenXIII