Nita Strauss - The Call Of The Void


Nita Strauss' new album "The Call Of The Void" is OUT NOW! 🎸
Buy / stream / watch the animated music video for "Digital Bullets (ft. Chris Motionless)" HERE

"Have you ever been at the top of a high building and had the fleeting thought, '… I could jump right now?' This feeling is sometimes called 'The Call Of The Void,' also known as 'high place phenomenon.' It's not a suicidal impulse, rather the exact opposite — a subconscious decision to live your life, to step back from the ledge, and take control. As researcher April Smith aptly put it: 'An urge to jump affirms the urge to live.'" 
"I wanted the follow-up to 'Controlled Chaos' to be exciting, new, and fresh, to take listeners to a new place and take myself somewhere new as an artist too. We have some amazing collaborations on this album with incredible musicians, as well as the instrumental guitar music that first inspired me to play."

"This song was inspired by those people we all know too well from social media by now, the ones who have to jump in every chance they get to criticize, put others down or tell them how to live their lives without actually stepping into the arena and doing it themselves. This is a subject that Chris and I both have lots of experience with! And as the video shows, the best revenge is living well and pursuing your passion." - Nita