Meg Myers' forthcoming new album "TZIA" is out 3/24! ⚡️ Pre-orders are available now along with a brand new single / video for the track "ME". Buy / Stream HERE

“I wrote ME because I needed clarity on what I was feeling about my relationship at the time, and writing is one of my most potent forms of therapy and how I receive messages from the divine. I had been coming up with all these moody songs for so long but I felt this urge to play something more upbeat, angsty, and kinda funky on the guitar. I had this major revelation writing it, where I realised everything I had been looking for in a partner was already inside of me. Which sounds cliche, but it was this very powerful moment where I was finally able to see the depth of myself.” - MM

TZIA is the manifestation of a four-year-long journey of healing, existential awakening, transformation, and rebirth. I am so grateful to be able to share this light and the insights I have gained with you through this exploration and expression of my deepest and most raw and honest feelings that have emerged from this period of self-reflection.” - MM