[renegades_forever] IS OUT NOW!!
May 28 2013

The new I See Stars digital mixtape [renegades_forever] is OUT NOW!

1. Can We Start Again (ft. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure & Mattie Montgomery of For Today)
2. Underneath Every Smile (Acoustic Version)
3. This Isn't A Game Boy
4. The Hardest Mistakes (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)
5. The Hardest Mistakes Pt 2 (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)
6. Filth Friends Unite ( Celldweller Remix)
7. Gnars Attacks ( Mutrix Remix)
8. Electric Forest (Andrew Oliver Remix)
9. NZT48 ( Razihel Remix)
10. NZT48 (Razihel Remix Pt 2)
11. Save The Cheerleader (BARE Remix)

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