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Band Members

  • Danny Worsnop - Vocals
  • Ben Bruce - Guitar / Vocals
  • Cameron Liddell - Guitar
  • Sam Bettley - Bass
  • James Cassells - Drums


ASKING ALEXANDRIA represent everything exciting and altogether invigorating about the hardest hitting rock n’ roll, both past and present. The group incorporate the modern hard rock sensibilities of Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot with the celebratory melodic spirit of the decadent Sunset Strip of the 1980s. They’ve arrived armed with musical weapons owing as much to Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses as Korn and Killswitch Engage. The electro-tinged and always unhinged miscreants stormed the mainstream with From Death to Destiny, a Top 5 album that spawned no less than two Top 20 Active Rock singles... Thus far.

Radio hits “The Death of Me” and “Break Down the Walls” are now as ubiquitous as Asking Alexandria t-shirts at shopping malls, skate parks and open-air festivals. The bubbling over secret of the masses at Vans Warped Tour (where AA is a revered mainstage act) and Rockstar Mayhem has become unstoppable. The band’s increasingly diverse adherents around the world cross generations and genres.

Lead vocalist and proud-partying, charismatic frontman Danny Worsnop, lead guitarist and partner-in-crime Ben Bruce, fellow six-string slinger Cameron Liddell, bass swinger Sam Bettley and drum pummeling maestro James Cassells have carved out a wondrous mythology around Asking Alexandria in a remarkably short time.

Their brazenly heavy but melodic rock earned them cover stories in Kerrang!, Alternative Press, Revolver, Big Cheese, Rock Sound and Guitar World, to name but a few international mags. The undeniably rabid following they’ve amassed pushed one of their earliest music videos, “The Final Episode,” to 30 million YouTube views.

The Asking Alexandria catalog propelled powerhouse independent visionaries Sumerian Records past 1 million in overall sales, bridging the gap between the critically acclaimed progressive metal acts that had become the label’s staple to the wider world at large, where Sumerian staffers rub elbows with music’s most elite.

Stand Up and Scream (2009) introduced mankind to a young and hungry crew of upstarts with nothing less than world domination on their minds. They quickly became peers with emerging luminaries Black Veil Brides, Of Mice & Men and Sleeping With Sirens, but with a flavor owing more to W. Axl Rose or avowed Asking Alexandria fan Sebastian Bach than any kind of screamo, alt-rock or death metal. Their sound gives props to the giant hooks of the ‘80s, the expert songwriting of the ‘90s and the unashamedly aggressive brutality of modern Millennium bravado.

The band’s sophomore-slump-shattering follow-up, the appropriately titled Reckless & Relentless, saw Asking Alexandria crack Billboard’s Top 10 for the first time. As All Music wrote in a four-star review, what most distinguishes Asking Alexandria “is an awareness of rock n’ roll dynamics - some of the riffs they write are straightforward updates of GN’R or Skid Row (two of whose songs they covered on their Life Gone Wild EP), and they’re as interested in getting listeners singing along as moshing.”

The album’s cover, featuring adult actress Belladonna in a dirty room next to a broken television set, became an iconic symbol of the dichotomy within Asking Alexandria. It demonstrates the struggle between darkness and light, between beauty and ugliness and an obsessive love/hate relationship with pop culture.

In 2011, Asking Alexandria made their national televised debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, playing “Someone, Somewhere” and “Closure” from an album that moved over 200,000 copies around the world (and counting), cementing the band’s royal status. They were handpicked to open for Guns N’ Roses at the Izod Center in New Jersey in late November, taking a short detour from their own massive “World War III” tour.

Asking Alexandria’s most recent full-length offering was the #1 independent album in America upon its release, crashing into the Billboard 200 at #5 and making impressive chart debuts around the world, including in their UK birthplace.

Produced by Joey Sturgis and mixed by veteran rock radio kingmaker David Beneath (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Of Mice & Men), From Death to Destiny fully embraces the high-flying sonic excess of Mötley Crüe, the dark electro of the pre-EDM era and the audio growl of the harder edged bands they discovered as teenagers. As Alternative Press noted, it “blurs the lines between solipsism and sociopathy, hedonism and nihilism, even as it throws metalcore, electronic music and a healthy dose of hair metal into a blender set on ‘awesome.’”

Sold-out headlining tours across North America and Europe followed, with opening acts like All That Remains and Sevendust in tow. They toured as direct support to Korn and began 2014 embarking on the Soundwave Festival tour of Australia, alongside Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains and A Day To Remember.

Make no mistake: Asking Alexandria is still doing battle with demons, and that defiant push-and-pull explodes with dynamic ferocity from the speakers. The stage has been set both literally and figuratively for an even larger commercial breakthrough.  


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