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Band Members

  • Danny - Vocals
  • Ruben - Guitar
  • Sal - Guitar
  • Rey - Bass


Prepare yourself for a brutal, unrelenting array of unabashed aggression and sheer ferocity that will beat you
to oblivion. This is what UPON A BURNING BODY delivers each and every time. The San Antonio based
group’s debut offering, The World Is Ours, caught the metal scene by storm with its crushing Pantera-esque
grooves and dynamic riffing and captivating hooks. Then with the success of their sophomore album, Red.
White. Green., they continued to march the path of great metal taking the band to new, higher levels. Their
live performance is unmatched, which quickly had their name being spread by the masses throughout the

Their highly acclaimed new offering THE WORLD IS MY ENEMY NOW was tracked, mixed and mastered with
renowned producer Will Putney (For Today, Body Count) at The Machine Shop in NJ.
With a clear vision for their identity and an immeasurable level of determination, UPON A BURNING BODY
are touring full-time throughout the world spreading their message of dedication, self-belief and relentless
competitive greatness. Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen commented “Upon a Burning Body frontman Danny
Leal has one of the most distinguishable and decipherable voices I have heard in years. With the perfect
soundtrack of riffs and beats backing him and an explosive live show, there is no question what the very near
future will hold for this band.”

UPON A BURNING BODY’s unrelenting touring schedule takes them to the massive 2014 Rockstar Energy
Mayhem Festival this summer for the second time!


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