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Band Members

  • Mike Duce - Vocals / Guitar
  • Ben Sansom - Guitar
  • Eddy Thrower - Drums
  • Dec Hart - Bass


About to make their first trip across the pond, British four piece indie/post-hardcore act LOWER THAN ATLANTIS have officially signed with Sumerian Records for North America. Their debut full length record, which has never been released in the United States, Far Q covered the whole spectrum of issues facing the youth of the UK right now - unemployment, booze, debt, broken homes and the uncertainty of growing up as kids living in a country in depression. Sumerian will combine their new unreleased album World Record with Far Q for a double-disc release due out on April 19th.

Sumerian Records Creator Ash Avildsen had this to say: "Certain timeless bands in the history of hardcore/punk… bands like At The Drive In, Refused and Fugazi… through their raw musical, emotion, honest lyrics and mood… have been able to make an everlasting mark on heavy music. Now at the start of a new decade, I believe we have found a fresh hope for a true blue-collar DIY punk rock band that brings this same spirit to the scene. With their mature songwriting and the bare-it-all sincerity of their words, Lower Than Atlantis have already made a permanent impact on my life and I feel like a teenager discovering my favorite band all over again."

Mike Duce (vocals) further describes his excitement: “We're extremely excited to be working with Sumerian Records. We met the team briefly at some rubbish club we were playing in London and we all seem to be on the same page. It's every bands dream to have an album released (and to tour) in America and for this band, the dream's come true twice because both our album's are hitting U.S. shores at once. We can't wait to show some American's what this band's all about and to just have a good time fucking around, meeting new people and getting pissed out of our heads on Budweiser! We also have the Sumerian guys to thank for making it possible for us broke fuckers to tour the states and even luckier for our first tour being the 'Reckless And Relentless' tour. We're kind of the odd band out on the bill being a more punky/rock British band as opposed to our heavier U.S. touring buds, but I guess this is just a chance for us to win over some new fans. We've done it before, and we'll do it again. Lock up your daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, etc. See you all soon.”


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