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Band Members

  • Shawn Spann - Vocals
  • Chase Kozlowski - Guitar
  • Kyle Bowman - Guitar
  • Conor Hesse - Bass
  • Aaron Ovecka - Drums


The Christian metalcore quintet, I THE BREATHER, recently completed a very successful run on the “In 3D Tour” alongside Shai Hulud, Close Your Eyes and Monsters. This further proved that this band are one of the most enthusiastic, hard working and promising new bands to come onto the scene as of late and their highly acclaimed debut full-length album, These Are My Sins, is available everywhere now and it debuted at #39 on Billboard's New Artist Chart.

I THE BREATHER was formed by Justin Huffman and Morgan Wright in late 2009. They started off as a little project in my basement and evolved very quickly landing a deal with a prominent booking agency, label and management. The name stems from God allowing of us to breathe; breathing is meaning.

When I THE BREATHER started writing their debut record, they knew that they wanted to make it a very aggressive record. The sound of These Are My Sins is very heavy and in your face, but has a melodic and catchy side that keeps your attention throughout every song.

Lyrical topics mainly come from Shawn (vocals) and Morgan's personal problems with being lost at times and then found again by the Lord. Also, some of the lyrical content is edgy. They call out the people who claim to be the holy ones but are the first to cast judgment and spit in your face. Just capturing the negativity of close-minded people

Morgan (drums) states: "After this tour we will be out on the road in support of Upon A Burning Body for their headlining run alonside The Color Morale and Like Moths to Flames. This will be a great tour! We’ve had the pleasure to tour with Upon A Burning Body and The Color Morale before and we love those guys; can’t wait for the awesome times we’re going to have with both of them. Please come hang out with on both tours. We look forward to seeing all of ya soon.

Their stellar and highly energetic new video for the track, “Forgiven,” shot by up-and-coming director Chris Rodriguez, can be seen now at www.facebook.com/ithebreather. You can also view the band's entire touring itinerary and stream new tracks here as well.


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