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Band Members

  • Spyros Georgiou - Guitar
  • Spencer MacLean - Bass/Vocals
  • Andrew McEnaney - Drums
  • Brendon Padjasek - Guitar/Vocals
  • Nick Xourafas - Vocals


STRUCTURES is a five piece progressive/hardcore band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Having formed in early 2009, the band released a five song EP titled 'ALL OF THE ABOVE'. STRUCTURES is a group of five talented musicians who strive to create ground breaking, earth shattering technical, melodic hardcore-metal. Starting to turn a lot of heads in the Canadian scene and quickly spreading to the US; STRUCTURES will surely be one of the next breakout metal bands of the year.The music STRUCTURES delivers demonstrates their diversity as a band as they shatter the listener's psyche with pure aggression, but don't be fooled, as they may also appear to slow time through their surprisingly strong melodies. STRUCTURES maintains a strong work ethic combined with a positive outlook on the music industry, including a strong focus on maintaining a highly energetic live performance, leaving a memorable impression and personal touch on every audience member. The bar is set high, STRUCTURES will conquer all!


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